Gecko Creations Experimental Bows

As part of the continuous development and sometimes just for fun I experiment with different designs and material combinations.

Long longbows

Have you ever wanted a really long longbow? I have and to try out what could be made I have made limbs out to over 8' (Yes 96" long).

Gecko Bows are normally produced at 72" or 74" long. Not many bowyers produce Bows at even 72" long.

Heavy or solid bows

I have also been experimenting with mixed material bows to see the bow reaction and response to heavy weight longbows.

The Talon series of Gecko Bows incorporate brass in to the handle as part of the core construction.

Alternate Materials

Experimenting with different materials to get a nice smooth bow I have been trying out different combinations of timbers. Some of the experiments have been a surprise - Yes some have exploded when tested!  Some have resulted in bows that perform surprisingly well and one has become one of my favourites, as well as the fact I love Huon pine to work with.

Seeking to get even more performance from the bows from not just the design I have now turned to bamboo cored limbs with timber veneering as an alternate construction, these have opened up a whole new range of looks whilst maintaining a consistent performance.

Talon Mk 1

The Talon Mk 1 longbow is the first experiment in making a heavy stable longbow.

The addition of Brass as a core component of the bow has brought about a bow with uniquie looks and shooting response. A concern was the shot reaction due to the mass weight, this bow has a nice ring to it when shot and after carefull tillering has almost no reaction in the hand.

This bow was designed to meet current Australian and WA rules in the use of materials.

This bow has a total mass of over 2.2kg

Talon Mk2

An alternate design to the Talon Mk 1 with a slightly lighter overall construction using brass in the middle of the bubinga riser.

This bow was also the first of a new series with the redefined Reflex Deflex limbs.

Huon Pine

Huon Pine Handle and limbs with Purple Heart accents

A very smooth high performance bow, one of my personal favourites

This bow started as an experiment in the use of Huon Pine not just as an accent timber but for the whole bow. This is an amazing timber, lovely to work with. It is a pine with properties similar to a medium hardwood with a very fine grain and smoothness.

Historically used for boat building this timber has some surprising characteristics for a longbow and the result has been a very smooth, responsive and accurate bow to shoot.


An experiment as a response to a request from an Archer who wanted to shoot both left and right handed with the one bow and wanted something other than a horse bow.

This bow has no shelf and is shot off the hand on either side.

A very happy archer is now succesfully shooting this bow.

Bows Available

To find out the status of the Longbows available or to make further enquiries Contact Me.