Gecko Creations Twisted Strings

Gecko Creations make and supply twisted strings in both continuous loop and Flemish twist style.

Continuous Loop

Continuous loop strings are made with BCY 8125g, this is a high performance string and is suited to the high performance longbows made. There is no issue with the performance or impact on the bow as all bows are supplied with specialy designed and constructed string grooves to suit the demanding loads applied.

Flemish Twist

Flemish twist strings are a historical style string, whilst performace strings are preferred for optimum results a Flemish twist string will still provide a great result and enjoyment in shooting a more traditional style.

I use Flemish twist strings in the initial testing of all bows.


Strings – Construction

By admin | June 7, 2019

Gecko Twisted Strings are made using BCY materials. We have not found a better material for performance, life and looks.…

String Keepers

By admin | May 27, 2019

String keepers are used to help look after the string and keep it with the bow when in the Bow…