Previous Gecko Bows

A selection of my previous bows are shown below to let you see the range of bows that I have made.

Talon Mk 2 - Reflex Deflex bow

The Talon Reflex Deflex bow, Bubinga with Brass handle and veneered Bamboo limbs. A very stable and high performing bow.

Purple Heart

Terra 76" 25# @ 28"

Purple, Gotta Love It.

And yes this is the natural colour of the timber in this bow.

Huon Pine

Terra 72" 42# @ 28"

Huon Pine Handle and limbs with Purple Heart accents

A very smooth high performance bow, one of my personal favourites

Myrtle Bow

Myrtle handle with Huon Pine and Purple Heart accents with New Guinea Rosewood limbs

Figured Maple

Figured Maple handle with Huon Pine accents and New Guinea Rosewood lims

Bubinga Terra

Terra 76" 40# @ 28"

Bubinga handle with Huon Pine accents in the Terra style

Terra with Bamboo cored limbs

The first Gecko Bow with Bamboo cored limbs, a little faster but still smooth

New Guinea Rosewood with Huon Pine accents and veneered bamboo limbs


The first Alterrego Bow

Figured Maple with New Guinea Rosewood limbs

Interested in one ?

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