Gecko Bows

by Gecko Creations

Gecko Longbows are handcrafted modern laminated longbows made in Australia

Zebrano - Terra

Terra: 72" 28#@28"



Zebrano handle and New Guinea Rosewood limbs. Comes with standard string and bow sleeve.


Looking for a special Longbow?

I started building Longbows after a long time looking for the ideal Longbow. I was not able to find a longbow long enough or made well enough so I started making these bows.

Gecko Bows are designed to be a typical 72" long bow, these are smoother and more comfortable to shoot than bows that are shorter and harsher. These bows do not stack within the longer draw length, with all Bows tested out to a 31" draw.

Gecko Bows have been used by Archers to Win State and National Championships, setting State and National Records along the way.

Keen to get an accurate and easy to shoot Longbow then Contact Me for further details and current availability of Bows.


Gecko Bows, Longbows and Twisted strings by Gecko Creations

Next Steps ...

To find out the status of the Longbows available or to make further enquiries Contact Me.

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