Terra Bows are flat laid laminated longbows that are typically 72" long


The Dune style longbow is a Reflex Deflex bow, this design provides a higher performance than a straight longbow and is suited to those archers looking for a more aggresive or higher performance bow.

Coming soon

Modern Asiatic/Horse Bow

A new bow undergoing development is a modern take on the Asiatic or horse bow. An aggressive angle with limb design to ensure these bows are still legally classed as a longbow for competition.


Alterrego Bows are dual handed or ambidextrous bows of one of the styles above

Rack of Bows

Made in Australia

I am based in Brisbane, Australia where I pursue my passions of Design, Woodworking and Archery to hand craft the Gecko Bows.

All Longbows are pre tested and if I am not happy with the bow in any way then it is not for sale. A pity I cannot keep them all, it is hard to let some of these go after the days of work that go in to each bow.

I am sure that like others who have tried and bought these bows you will enjoy them too.


Next Steps ...

Have a look at the Bows Available and then Contact Me for further details or queries on getting the Bow of your choice