Bow Construction

Gecko Bows are modern laminated longbows. These are made by laminating tapers, riser/handle and flat laminates between clear fibreglass and glued in one piece on a custom designed and handmade mould. This construction allows for a variety of models and options for bow weight and still produce a accurate easy to shoot bow that looks great.

Typical bows consist of a continuous laminate running full length down the back of the bow.

On the front there are precision ground tapered laminates from the handle to each end.

The handle or riser is custom shaped to suit Mediterranean or 3 finger under shooting styles and is made of a primary material with accent strips or sections.

The parts are then sandwiched or laminated between clear fibreglass and glued under pressure.

Risers are cut up to centre shot and not beyond to meet current design rules within Australia

The Shelf is square to the limbs to allow for a vertical use of the Longbows in Target competitions.

I can custom make bows to order for a special price, contact me to discuss options.